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The New Book is Here!

My second collection of poetry, In Which I Play the Runaway, is officially out today with Barrow Street Press! It won the 2015 Barrow Street Book Prize judged by Richard Blanco.

The book can be ordered from Barrow Street, Amazon, SPD, and elsewhere. More information, including reviews and excerpts can be found here.

“I was born with a gift for gall and grit,” Rochelle Hurt writes—a line that echoes through every poem in this collection. She spares nothing and bares all that needs baring about family, place, and relationships—how they reflect each other, blurred in tarnished mirrors. With a Sylvia Plath-like abandon and urgency, every single word feels completely necessary; words spoken with a vigor and honesty that are felt in the gut; words that remain lodged in the back of the throat. —Richard Blanco

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