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New Book from IU Press in 2022

My third book, tentatively titled J Girls TV, was selected as the winner of the Blue Light Books Prize from Indiana Review! It will be published by Indiana University Press in 2022. The judge, Nandi Comer, said the following:

“What does it mean to become a woman? In J Girls TV, Rochelle Hurt has produced a cinematic anthem, a war cry against gender norms, and a sad reminder of how little has changed for girls traversing the rocky journey into adulthood. The strength of this collection is in the collective experiences where the body becomes an object of desire and the origin of resistance. These poems are unapologetic and tender. Part theater, part screenplay, part poetry, J Girls TV is a genre-blending collection demanding the reader see these archetypes as real people with real stories and real unspeakable trauma.”

You can read poems from the book here.


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